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Hi, I'm Torrey. 
I help aid workers
build, coach and lead amazing
teams so they can achieve
the impact they want,
without adding to their already
overloaded schedule.

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The Roadmap to Build, Coach and Lead an Amazing Team

Build Your Team

Receive leadership coaching to make better decisions with hiring, team development and performance management.

Coach Strong Performance

Learn to effectively coach your team to better performance through my digital course which provides the framework, tools and most importantly guidance specifically for aid workers.

Lead for Impact

Apply your coaching skills and leadership guidance to create your dream team and free up time in your schedule to further your impact.

Elevate the Performance of You and Your Team with these Amazing Resources:

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Gain Time

Apply these lessons learned to achieve focus, create time for those important tasks and still have a life outside of the office.

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Grow Yourself

Learn proven strategies and mindset shifts along with tools and tips to become the leader you admire.

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Generate Results

Create a stronger, more confident team through tips and tools so you can broaden your community impact.

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"Since taking Torrey's coaching course "The Aid Worker’s Guide to Successful Coaching 101", I have used my new listening skills and asking powerful questions in meetings and now see how my relationships have improved with others on my team and there is higher collaboration, and we get results faster. Now that I have taken this course, I am excited to see what other opportunities coaching and the skills gained with it will provide. "

Brenda Kamboga
HR Officer, WFP Regional Buereau, Nairobi, Kenya

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