Gain Back Time
in Your Work Week

Have you ever reached the end of a week and wondered, what did I get done this week?  With all the meetings, email and business development, it's a wonder anyone can get anything done in aid work!  If you want actionable tips to help regain some of that lost time, download this free cheatsheet now!

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A Super Efficient Way to Focus on Your Team's Professional Development

In aid work, time is precious.  And although we know that spending time on our team's professional development will pay off in the long run, it often seems like competing priorities get in the way.  In today's episode you'll learn about a very efficient way to use your time during professional development, and three reasons why it's so effective.

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How to Become a Productivity Ninja - Aid Worker Style

Whether it's managing email, determining which working group meeting to attend or balancing time to respond to our team's needs, as aid workers we need all the help we can get to be able to make deadlines and maintain a work-life balance.  Of course there are a ton of resources on how to increase productivity - but what are some of the best tips for aid work?  

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Time Spent in Meetings

This is one of the things I enjoyed the least about aid work--- the number of ridiculous meetings we have to attend. Of course some meetings can be very productive, but let's face it, most of them are at least a partial waste of time.  In this episode I give you 8 tips on how to get the most out of the meetings you do have to attend.

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Creating Boundaries with Our Time

One of the major struggles in aid work is around protecting a certain number of hours during the work week to work on those “important” tasks. You know, the tasks that can help us make a bigger impact, and advance our teams and ourselves professionally. But somehow, it always seems like other things get in the way of working on the “important” stuff.

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Using Batching to Save Time in Aid Work

Over the last few months I took the advice of some time management books and tried batching.  Batching means implementing similar tasks in one block of time. I am surprised by how much this simple act has freed up my time! For example, I used to spend 8 hours on producing one podcast episode, but after batching I can do about three episodes in four hours! 

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Maintaining Work-Life Balance as a Regional Emergency Advisor

As aid workers we all strive to get the sometimes elusive "work-life balance."  It can certainly be tricky, with competing priorities at work and emergencies to respond.  I chose today's guest, Matthew McIlvenna because although he oversees the emergency operations for WFP in nine countries, he somehow manages to go home at a reasonable hour and devote time to extracurricular activities

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Simple Ways to Reduce Stress and Prevent Burnout in Humanitarian Work

Let's face it - in international development we are faced with a lot of stress in our day to day work.  This stress is only compounded when we go home and the generator is broken, there is a curfew for security reasons, or we develop malaria after last week's field visit. My guest today Elizabeth Whelan has tried a variety of methods to reduce stress during her time as an aid worker.  In this episode she shares four simple ways that have proven effective.

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