Accelerate the Performance of Your Direct Reports

Why can't my team come up with their own solutions?  How do I resolve cross-cultural conflict?  Why is it so difficult for my team to learn skills we've been reviewing hundreds of times?  If you've been struggling with these questions, here are the answers!  Download this Cheatsheet to find sustainable ways to move your team toward stronger performance.

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The Power of Coaching: Three Inspirational Stories

I am excited to introduce two of my former students, Brenda Kamboga and Bronwen Moore.  In this episode they share what they learned in my coaching course, The Aid Worker's Guide to Successful Coaching 101, and how it changed their perspective in how they approach their teams and at home. 

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Four Ways to Build Trust with Your Team

Every day we have the opportunity to either strengthen or weaken trust with others through our actions and words.  There will be times when we act in a way which breaks down trust, whether intentionally or without knowing it.  However if you have enough deposits in your "trust bank account" from previous efforts, it can go a long way in terms of mending your relationship or at least making it easier to repair.

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How to Have a Difficult Conversation With Your Team

A five year study by Google on highly effective teams found that by far the most important characteristic of a successful team is to feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable.   So how can we create an environment in which our teams feel safe enough to be vulnerable and in which we can have open and sometimes difficult conversations?

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Recruiting High Performers that Fit the Culture of Your Organization

I have recruited staff before that were great at interviewing and talking about their experience, but once hired demonstrate a poor attitude.  Mark Notaras and his wife Alva Lim have combined over fifteen years’ experience in aid work and understand the importance of recruiting the right people for an organization. Their success in building a high performing team is why I asked Mark for an interview to share some of the strategies they used in recruitment, and how they can be applied more broadly.

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The Right - and Wrong - Way to Coach Someone

Coaching is becoming more recognized in international development as a powerful leadership methodology that when used properly will help your direct reports develop professionally, realize their goals and become the best version of themselves. That said, there are a lot of misconceptions of coaching, what it is and how to do it.

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How to Motivate Staff

In our complex context, where deadlines and resources are strained due to weather conditions, instability, poor infrastructure, and communication challenges with people from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds, it is all the more important to understand and focus on what motivates those working for or around you. Today’s guest is very familiar with this question albeit across organizations.  Dave Stachowiak is the host and founder of the leadership platform Coaching for Leaders.

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Get Rid of Those Monkeys!  How to Delegate in the Aid Worker Context

Perhaps you have heard of monkey management, a popular article from the Harvard Business Review which explains delegation in terms of monkeys (tasks) and how those monkeys have a tendency to jump onto the backs of their managers.  This upward delegation burdens you as a leader and can create bottlenecks in decision making, in addition to demotivating staff.  My guest today Helen Henderson has been using the monkey management form of delegation, but with a twist: she has adapted it for the aid worker context.  

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