Communicate to Save Time, Strengthen Relationships and Improve Results

Why do I have to repeat myself so much?  Why am I not seeing the results I want from others?  If you find yourself asking these questions, you may have a communication problem.  If you want actionable ways to overcome common miscommunications in aid work, get your free Cheatsheet now!

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How Coaching Changed the Way We Work

I am excited to introduce two of my former students, Brenda Kamboga and Bronwen Moore.  In this episode they share what they learned in my coaching course, The Aid Worker's Guide to Successful Coaching 101, and how it changed their perspective in how they approach their teams and at home. 

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Being Uncomfortable

Discomfort can be a sign that we're stepping outside our normal routine, and trying something new.  As I used to tell my staff, discomfort is a sign that you are growing.  But why do we get so uncomfortable in the first place and how can we manage our discomfort so it does not get in the way of reaching our goals?  In this episode you'll find four ways you can reach beyond your comfort zone in aid work and push the boundaries of what is possible.

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Taking Responsibility

A philosophy I am aspiring to live by right now is to take more responsibility in my work and life.  That means recognizing that the results in my life and work are consequences of the choices I have made.  Sometimes we confuse what is within our control and what is outside of it, meaning we do not always recognize how much control we have over certain outcomes (health, professional advancement, etc). 

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How a Mastermind Gave Me Valuable Leadership Support

Maybe you've heard of a Mastermind Group.  Maybe you've even thought about joining one.  Well I can tell you from my experience, I have found them so valuable I have formed two myself and all three of my Masterminds have been invaluable in terms of giving me great advice during difficult times, encouragement when I have struggled and celebrations when I have done well.

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Five Ways to Incorporate "Deep Work" Into Your Routine

Do you ever feel like you are in reactive mode, responding to what is going on around you during your day but not having the time to work on tasks that require focused and undistracted thought time?  Making time for focused time or “deep work” as Cal Newport claims in his in his bestselling book, is linked with innovation, greater productivity and staff morale.  But deep work isn’t just something you can do right away, it requires advanced planning and preparation.

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How to Use Difficult Feedback for Positive Personal Growth

It can be scary to seek feedback, knowing that if you are to get genuine feedback there are inevitably things you will find out about that you may not want to know.  Add to that the difficulty of receiving open feedback in some of the cultures where we work in the humanitarian context, and receiving honest feedback becomes even more challenging.  And what do you do once you have received that feedback?

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How to Make the Impression You Want

First impressions count. But second, third and ongoing impressions also count - especially when we are interacting with donors, community members, in government meetings or with our supervisor. Of course we all want to make a good impression on these and others in our life - but do we?  

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How Being Vulnerable Can Make You a More Effective Leader

Being vulnerable as a leader can earn you more respect and trust with your team. My guest today, Lane Bunkers, shares how being vulnerable has helped him in his 30 years working in international development and some ways you can do the same when working with your team that will make your team feel more motivated to follow you.

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